What is Mynxnet?

It started out simply enough. A group of friends (that’s us) decided to create a service that encompassed all the features important to them, their friends and family.

Not long after, word got out and the group realised their humble little service had wide appeal. Fast forward past many late nights, more Red Bulls than they care to count and a few seriously long meetings, and Mynxnet was born. In 2015, Mynxnet became part of the Vibe Communications Group of companies. This means that Mynxnet now has some of the most experienced network operators in the country.

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, Mynxnet is fast. This means that you can stream online video to your heart’s content, even at times of the day that are usually pretty slow, such as ‘peak time’. By the way, this is one reason that Mynxnet is popular among serious gamers. In short, Mynxnet is the internet from people who love the internet, for people who love the internet. We work hard to bring the best speeds and the right content. If at any stage we don't deliver, then you are free to leave.

We know some telco's have a reputation of poor service or support. People waiting on the phone for hours. Our service delivery and support teams are well experienced and you can expect high quality experience by joining Mynxnet. More ideas are in the works to make Mynxnet even better... and on that note, if you have any ideas feel free to drop us a line. We’re keen to hear from you.

Frequently asked questions

I already have a modem

If you have a modem already you can use it. But please check it supports the plan you choose. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Some of the "free" modems other ISP's give you might be holding you back in terms of speed or reliability. Lets face it they are free for a reason. We do offer a modem, that we can pre-configure for you.

If your house has old wiring, we recommend you install a master splitter that should improve your speeds a lot. We can arrange an install for you, but you can probably get a local electrician to do it. Alternatively we can see when/if UFB Fibre is available in your area.

Why don't you have contracts?

It's no big secret why other companies have contracts. It covers the cost of the "free connection".

The downside is you are locked in even if the service they are offering isn't up to scratch. We would rather you stick with us because our services are fast and allow you to access the content you want to watch.

If you are with us for a year we will credit your account to the value of the connection fee.

Why the Unlimited data plan?

It's simple really, we want our users to enjoy the Internet without the worry of exceeding data caps. That's what we wanted. We operate on a fair use policy.

Unlimited data means unlimited data. There might be situations where your usage of the network starts to disturb other users, at which point we will contact you directly. Till then enjoy all that the Internet has to offer.

We don't have a fair use policy based on how much you download. If people start doing silly things that hurt the network, we might have to do something, but this would only be to stop unfair behaviour.

Mynxnet is designed for residential customers. We don’t recommend you use us for a business, if you require a business grade service please contact our parent company Vibe Communications.

What are the connection fees?

This is depends on your requirements and what services you currently have at your location. All connection fees are a one off charge that happens when you initially sign up. Some wiring may be required to give you the fastest possible access, which you may wish to do yourself or have our technician do for you.

  • Transferring from an existing Internet provider: $80
  • Connection charge for first-time broadband connection: $150
  • House wiring charge: $250

When my connection is switched over how long will I be without Internet?

You should only be down for about an hour. We will contact you once the date has been confirmed and talk you through what has to be done.

Do I need to be home during the change over?

Nope! We will send you an email once the change over is done. You might have to restart the router or enter your new password when you get home though.

I'm with another ISP, do I need to let them know I'm switching?

From personal experience it's best to let them know. While we take steps to help in this area, the safest way is to give your old ISP a call.

How can I pay?

At the moment we only accept credit card payments, however, we are working on adding more payment options for you.

Terms And Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are available for download here.

How do I contact Mynx?

Email us at support@mynxnet.com or call us on 09 2220210.

We will do our best to get back to you within 2 hours during weekday working hours.

What if I want to leave Mynx?

Hey we know there are cheaper deals out there but we focus on quality. If we don't meet your expectations email us at support@mynxnet.com or call us on 09 2220210

Seriously... no hard feelings. No notice period. Just let us know.